Bridge with Paolo Brum (Brazilian National Champion) on Sundays at 12:15 - Call 614.890.1459 or email for more information


Day Time Game Contact
Sunday 1:30 PM Invitational Handicap Pairs - 2/1 Game Force workshop with Paolo Brum continues February 16 and 23   Jane Witherspoon
Monday 11:30 AM Invitational Handicap Pairs   Jane Witherspoon
Monday 7:00 PM Invitational Handicap Pairs - 1st, 3rd and 5th week   Janelle Courtright
7:00 PM Invitational Swiss Teams - 2nd and 4th week   Janelle Courtright
Wednesday 11:30 AM Invitational Stratified Pairs   Betty Drake
Wednesday 7:00 PM Invitational Handicap Pairs   Janelle Courtright
Friday 11:30 AM Invitational Stratified Pairs   Chris Cvar
Friday 7:30 PM Open Handicap Swiss Teams   Janelle Courtright
Saturday 7:00 PM Invitational Stratified Pairs - Potluck party at 6:30 PM   Jane Witherspoon
Free 30-minute class/discussion before all morning games
Potluck party on 1st and 3rd Saturday
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