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Please join us for fun, friendship and Bridge. Free discussion / hand analysis after daytime Invitational games.

We are here to enhance your playing and learning experience. Partnerships – or (614) 890-1459.

Weekly Schedule - Upgraded Club Championship Week - September 17 - 23

DaySessionTimeType / Description
MondayMorning10:30 amFree Class
Morning11:30 amInvitational Pairs*
Morning11:30 amOpen Pairs**
TuesdayMorning11:30 amOpen Pairs**
Evening6:30 pmBeginning Bridge
WednesdayMorning11:30 amInvitational Pairs*
ThursdayMorning9:30 amBeginning Bridge
FridayMorning11:30 amInvitational Pairs*
Evening7:30 pmOpen Swiss Teams**
SaturdayAfternoon1:30 pmOpen Pairs**
SundayAfternoon1:30 pmOpen Pairs**
* Invitational Games - New and Intermediate players do not need an invitation to play in our games. Experienced players may play in Invitational games with permission, only when mentoring newer players and willing to graciously accept less than perfect Bridge from partner and the opponents. Only Standard American and Two Over One Game Forcing systems may be used in Invitational games.

** Open Games - Everyone is invited to play in our Open games: Pairs - Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 am and Saturdays at 7:00 pm - Swiss Teams - Fridays at 7:30 pm. We may offer additional weekend games during STaC weeks. ACBL Open Chart conventions may be used in Open games. We adhere to ACBL’s Zero Tolerance Policy for all our games.