Learn, play and improve your Bridge game with us

We are dedicated to promoting Bridge in our community. We provide a pleasant environment for new and advancing players. We have experienced teachers and mentors providing private and group coaching. We believe that we can expedite your Bridge education by tailoring a program to fit your goals and abilities. Please join us for one of our free sessions. You may also call us to discuss your specific objectives and how we may help you achieve your goals.

Please contact us at or 614.890.1459

Online Learning Opportunites

While our facilities are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, we continue to offer online individual, partnership and group coaching using BBO and Zoom platforms.  This is an ideal time to try one of our offerings from the comfort of your home.

Play and review (Individuals)

Play an ACBL tourney with one of our experienced teachers followed by a review session.  You may split the two sessions.  As always, our cous will be the “thought process”.  What should you be thinking about to arrive at the optimal decision throught the hand?  This is the best option for individuals yearning for improvement but do not have a serious partner to work with.  Your progress is bound to solve the problem of hortage of serious partners.

Play and review (Pairs)

Play and ACBL tourney or on online club game with your partner followed by a review session with one of our experienced teachers.  It takes approximately an hour to play and up to an hour and a half for the review session.  You may split the two sessions.  We will review the played hands with you and set up a Teaching Table for your partnership to replay these hands with an “over the shoulder” analysis focusing on the “thought process”.  This is the best option for committed partnerships wanting to take their game to the next level.  This option is also available for a group of four.  

Recent classes now available online

We have used BBO technology over the years to review previous week’s materials in our classes.  We have all the materials available in electronic format to offer these classes online.

Introductory offerIntroduce Bridge to your friends or raise funds for your organization – Free class - 4 weeks.
Bridge FundamentalsBridge Fundamentals for new players. They go home after the first class wanting to teach Mini-Bridge to family and friends
Bridge the GapBidding and Card Play concepts for Intermediate to Advanced students. Conventions – How to choose them wisely.
Two Over One Game ForceAn introspective look into the 2/1 GF System. How things work? How forcing is Forcing NT? How does one convention affect another?
Winning DefenseDefensive thought process. “After attending this class, I can see how opponents could have set me, had they attended this course.” – Experienced tournament player with ~4000 MPs.
Improvement OpportunityFor experienced Duplicate players. Focus on the ‘Thought Process’.